Barnardo’s Boloh Helpline

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The UK’s leading charity for children and families Barnardo’s launched a dedicated helpline last year to support ethnic community families. Since Feb 1st the helpline has been expanded to also offer dedicated services to Hong Kong British Nationals (Overseas) relocating to the UK. In the first half to 2021, 65,000 Hong Kong nationals arrived in the UK and the government expects around 475,000 to arrive over the coming years. Barnardo’s Boloh helpline, offers support in Cantonese and English, provides a free psychotherapy to support the mental health and wellbeing needs of those who will be resettling into a new culture, education system and employment, and challenges integrating into communities. You can find out more and access support on : 0800 151 2605 to speak to a friendly advisor or make an online referral visit our website

For more information in Chinese, please refer to the poster below: